If we see God as a cosmic killjoy, just waiting for people to do something wrong so he can catch and punish them, how will this impact our relationship with him? The 10 Commandments are the basic rules of the road for how people are to relate to God and […]

Adult Session Five

ADULT CLASS: 2/8/2017 Tell about a time you were minding your own business, going through your normal Lower Story life, and God showed up, revealed himself, or spoke to you in some surprising way. God is dramatically active in his peoples deliverance- he is engaged, he cares (Exodus 3:1-10). Looking […]


Adult Class: 1/29/2017 and 2/1/2017 As you watch the video segment for session3, use the following outline to record anything that stands out to you on the back of this page. Meeting Joseph: Favorite, Dreamer, Slave Facing false accusations Dream interpreter A unique family reunion, with God working all things […]

Adult Class: 1/29/2017 and 2/1/2017

THE STORY FOR LITTLE ONES: Lesson 3: Joseph Forgives his Brothers Timeless Truth: Though man fails, God’s will prevails. Bible Basis: Genesis 37; 39:1–47:31 Key Verse: A man may have many plans in his heart. But the Lord’s purpose wins out in the end.  —Proverbs 19:21, NIrV Resource: The Story […]

Sunday School: PreK 1/29/2017

Adult Sunday School: 1/22/2017 Genesis 11-32   In preparation of this week’s class, think about these things as you read Genesis 11-32: God has a plan to get His people back. God picks an unlikely pair; Abraham and Sarah. They give birth to a son, Isaac. Abraham is tested; will […]

Sunday School (ADULTS) 1/22/2016