Sunday School (PreK): 1/15/2016


In The Beginning”

Genesis 1:1-2:5, 18-25

“When God created man, he made him in his own likeness.” – Genesis 5:1 

The Point: God made everything. God made you, too.


Here are some great ideas you can do this week to get your child thinking about God and his creation:

  • Let your child explore what this means by making a creation out of play dough and other decorative items such as feathers, pompoms, small rocks, and sticks. Work with your child, asking questions about the creation. If you want, you can let the creation dry as a reminder that God created everything, or save the play dough to make more creations.
    When you are done with your creation, look in a mirror. What do you see? Remind your child that God made us like him. He created us perfectly, just the way he wanted. Name some of the things you love about your child and the way God created him.
  • As you travel in the car this week or while at home reading a picture book, play “I Spy” with things that God created. Always end with, “I spy God’s treasured creation.” God’s treasured creation is your child.
  • Look at an age-appropriate book on the human body to discover some special ways that God created people.
  • Look through family pictures of times you have been in God’s creation. Have fun remembering your trip and talking about God’s wonderful creation.

If you really want to reinforce what we learned this week in Bible class, try asking your kids these questions:

  1. What animal is your favorite? Why do you like that animal best?
  2. What is your favorite thing that God created? Why do you like it best?
  3. How are you different from a flower? A rock? A bird? Add other things that God created to compare with humans. This question will help your child see how God made people different that the rest of creation.