Sunday School: Adults 1/15/2017

Adult Class: 1/15/2017 Questions


  1. When God looked at creation and declared it ‘good’ and ‘very good’, what do you think he was trying to express?
  2. Genesis 1:26-27 says that we are made in God’s image. How do we, as people, naturally reflect the image of God?
  3. If you could take a walk with God in the perfect garden of paradise, just like you would with a friend, what would you ask Him and why?
  4. In a normal day, what gets in the way of you taking a walk with God and talking about what’s in your heart?
  5. Even though Adam and Eve began walking in perfect fellowship with their Maker, God still gave them the freedom to reject this perfect life. What does this spiritual reality say about the power of choices we make each day?
  6. Adam and Eve made a choice to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. They rejected God’s vision for their lives and declared that they wanted to run their own universe and be their own god. How do you see that same sinful desire and behavior in our lives today and how does it influence our daily walk with God?
  7. If god truly loved Adam and Eve, why would he throw them out of the garden?
  8. What are ways to identify that we are about to enter into sinful and rebellious actions and how can we stop before we have crossed that line?

As you take time in prayer, here are some ideas and concepts to get you started throughout the week:

  • Ask God to help you appreciate the beauty of His creation and to be a good steward and caretaker of the world He has made.
  • Give praise to God for the people in your life who have revealed His grace, love, and presence to you.
  • Pray for wisdom and discernment to recognize Satan’s tactics as he tries to deceive you and the people you care about.

Personal Reflections

Take time this week to meditate on the depth of God’s love for human beings. Why would He keep chasing us even after we have rebelled against Him and rejected Him? How can you express thanks for His seeking love? What can you do to celebrate the good news that God pursues you, even when you are not embracing His will and desires for you?

Personal Action

Take a walk outside and notice the beauty of what God has made. Look at the finer details of a leaf or the expanse of the sky. Thank God for making this amazing world. As you walk, seek to talk to God as though you were two friends walking in a garden. Tell Him about your life, feelings, thoughts, emotions, and fears and ask Him to help you learn to walk with Him each day.


Next Week’s Readings: Genesis 11-32