Sunday School (ADULTS) 1/22/2016

Adult Sunday School: 1/22/2017

Genesis 11-32


In preparation of this week’s class, think about these things as you read Genesis 11-32:

  • God has a plan to get His people back.
  • God picks an unlikely pair; Abraham and Sarah. They give birth to a son, Isaac.
  • Abraham is tested; will he give God his best?
  • The Significance of Mount Moriah and the Old and New Testaments


Reflect on these questions throughout the week and we encourage you to journal your answers for this coming week’s Sunday school class.

  1. Many of the people God called to follow Him and do great things had excuses or reasons they thought God should not use them. What are some of the common excuses people still use today when they want to get out of following God’ leading for their life?
  2. When God called Abram to follow Him, there was a clear sense of partnership. God promises to do specific things and called Abram to do his part (Genesis 12: 1-5). What was God’s part and Abrams part in this great adventure?
  3. What do you learn about Abraham and Sarah’s faith from Hebrews 11: 8-9?
  4. Tell about an older person in your life who has been a model of faith and love for God? How have you seen their life impact the lives of others and yours?
  5. Abraham and Sarah were called by God and their followed him in faith. Tell about a time God called you to take a step of faith. How did you respond? How did that step of faith turn out?
  6. Sarah did not think God was moving fast enough with the whole “national building project”, so she decided to help God by giving her hand maid to Abraham to bare a child for her. Give some examples of ways we jump ahead of God’s timing for our lives in and effort to help Him. Tell about a time when God said ‘wait’, but you wanted to rush ahead. Why is it so hard to be patient and wait on God’s will in our lives?
  7. Abraham and Sarah chose to follow God by faith and trust that He would build a nation through them- and He did. What step of faith is God calling you to take now, but you are still waiting…or even…resisting? What can you do to take a trust filled step and move forward in this area of your life?