Adult Session Five

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  • If we see God as a cosmic killjoy, just waiting for people to do something wrong so he can catch and punish them, how will this impact our relationship with him?
  • The 10 Commandments are the basic rules of the road for how people are to relate to God and each other (Ex. 20: 1-17). How would our lives and faith improve if we followed these commands in action and in spirit? What could we do to embrace and follow these commands more fully?
  • Three things need to happen for God to draw near to us in the Lower Story and to experience his presence. Why are each of these things so important?
    • There must be rules to guide how people relate to God and to each other.
    • God will need a place to stay.
    • Sin must be atoned for.
  • God no longer dwells in tents or temples, he lives in us (Acts 7: 48-50 and 1st Corn 6:19). How does recognizing that God dwells in us help connect his upper story to our lower story daily?
  • What are ways you experience the presence and care of God breaking in to your daily life?
  • How does the sacrificial system found in the Bible, primarily the book of Leviticus, pave the way for the final sacrifice that would wash away all sins forever, the death of Jesus on the cross?
  • God promises that his presence would be with the people and they would stand out to the world because of it. This is still true today. What are some ways Christians should stand out in our world? Name one area of your life in which you sense God is calling you to look different to the world because he is with you?

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