Sunday School: PreK 1/29/2017


Lesson 3: Joseph Forgives his Brothers

Timeless Truth: Though man fails, God’s will prevails. Bible Basis: Genesis 37; 39:1–47:31 Key Verse: A man may have many plans in his heart. But the Lord’s purpose wins out in the end.  —Proverbs 19:21, NIrV Resource: The Story for Little Ones, Chapter 3: “Joseph Forgives His Brothers”

Get the Point

God took care of Joseph. God also takes care of me.

Table Talk

  • Can you tell me about a dream you had?
  • Joseph and his brothers didn’t always get along. How can you get along with others?
  • When did God take care of Joseph? (God took care of Joseph when his brothers didn’t like him, when he was a slave, when he was in prison, and when he was in charge of the food in Egypt.)
  • How does God take care of you?

Living Faith

This week’s Bible story is a great story to act out. When preschoolers use their whole bodies in telling a story, they will remember the story longer. Set up different places in your house to be Joseph’s house, Potiphar’s house, the jail, and the palace in Egypt. Joseph’s and Potiphar’s houses can be in different areas of a room. The jail can be under a table or in a large appliance box with crepe paper streamers hanging down at the opening. The palace can be the area around a big comfy chair used for a throne. Put grocery bags or canvas bags by the chair to use as sacks of grain. Let your child dress up. Old towels, bath robes, or fabric pieces make good Bible-time clothes.

Extra Mile

God helped Joseph prepare for the coming famine. Help others who are hungry by collecting nonperishable food items for your local food bank. Your child may like to make cards to go with the food donation to remind others that God takes care of them.

Music helps everyone remember information. Sing the following song to the tune of “The Farmer in Dell” with your preschooler.

God takes care of me, God takes care of me, God took care of Joseph, And God takes care of me.

Joseph stored grain for the coming famine. Show your child different kinds of grain. Then make some food to eat with your child using a grain. Talk about all the different foods you can make with grain.

Help your child remember the Bible point from this lesson using the motions that your child learned in class.

God (Point up.)

Took care (Hug yourself.)

Of Joseph (Motion like you’re putting a crown on your head, like Joseph wore when he was deputy pharaoh.)

God (Point up.)

Takes care (Hug yourself.)

Of me! (Both thumbs point to your chest.)

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