Sunday AM Service: SUPER CHURCH

superchurch2 ‘Adult Church’ can be hard to understand for children that are younger than 3rd Grade. At Oswego Church of Christ, we want to make sure that everyone in our church body is not only learning about God and his Word, but also getting something meaningful out of our church services.

We encourage all children to be a part of the normal church service, and families are encouraged to have their children join in on singing, the welcoming prayer, or time for tithes and offerings, and even watch as their parents take part in communion. After this part of the service (and right before the weekly sermon), children 2nd grade and younger have the option to attend ‘Super Church’.

Super Church is designed to help connect key concepts from the weekly sermon delivered by our Pulpit Minister, and incorporate them in to fun learning activities, a short video, a thoughtful craft, and even a little snack in to the second half of service. We believe this is a vital part of our churches ministry to families to ensure that everyone has something to talk about in the week to come that is focused on the same general idea.