Pulpit Minister

Chad Lewis

Pulpit Minister


This ‘Georgia boy’ isn’t the typical ‘minister’ you’d find behind the pulpit.

Chad owned and operated a plumbing company for many years in the greater Atlanta area, but when God called him to the mission field, he chose to use his other skills to help those in need. The Lord lead him and his family to parent foster children in Christian Children’s Homes, both in rural Mississippi and North Georgia. As Houseparents, it was his job to not only raise, but disciple to the 7-10 boys that the organization entrusted into his care.

More recently, Chad served as a Youth and Family Minister at a Church of Christ in Carlsbad, New Mexico. This means the new pulpit minister is still trying to get a grip on what ‘Lake Effect’ really means.

His extensive technical and drama background has helped him to ingrain himself in the ‘theater’ world here in the greater Syracuse area. He enjoys using his talents to help local community theaters, reach the people of God through story, and work with children in an artistic atmosphere.

He’s been married to his wife, Shelley, since 2004 and while they have many ‘sons’ they consider family from their time as houseparents, they have one four year old daughter that lives with them here in Oswego.